Castable and malleable materials (e.g. concrete, plaster, rockite and etc..) deserve a renewed consideration in architectural design due to their connection historically to the craftsman role and embodiment of tacit knowledge that extends beyond what is explicitly gained to contemporary digital fabrication and design. Castable material in the contemporary discourse of architecture has faded mainly in response to two conditions, one to the rise of digital fabrication, the usability and feasibility of standardized sheet material such as plywood boards. Second is the incapacity for architecture to engage inexact materials to be integrated in the architectural design process. This project seeks bring castable and malleable materials back into the discourse of architecture with the advent of recent affordable and the re-purposing of specific technologies to explore 3D vision and scanning to capture the latent potential of an unpredictable means of generating form.

Master of Science in Architecture: Digital Technologies by Robert Yuen
Design Research Project

Cinematography: Adam Smith |

Production Assistants:
William Liow
Jono Bentley Sturt
Charlie Veneklase
Erica Wannemacher