Grow, ferrofluid and robotic

A nice creative process mixing kinect motion tracking abilities, robotic, sculpting and ferrofluid, allowing creator to 3d sculpt an object in air. Xavier MONTOY Guillaume ANDRE / FablLab-ENSCI Le projet Grow a pour but de permettre au plus grand nombre de prendre part à la […]

Michelle Winick color collection

The “Michelle Winick Color Collection” is a hand selected palette of colors that has been designed to work with everyday environments. Each color brings unique depth to a space by having the right balance of pigment. The “Michelle Winick Color Collection” brings simplicity to selecting […]

Graffiti Lovers Markers

40ml of handmade colorful liquid, check out how the graffiti lovers markers are printed filled and packaged.

Ben NYE makeup factory

In this video you’ll see the Laboratory where they formulate and match colors, then it goes to ratio and weighing room, to the mixing and homogenizing room, to pressing and pouring, and outer packaging, and shipping. yes, all cramped into a 20-min video. I hope […]


Letterpress,an instructional beautifull video   by Naomie Ross celebrates the subtle beauty and craftsmanship of printing on an intimate scale


Ceramic Production at Majolika Ceramic Manufacture in Karlsruhe Germany