Japanese Ceramic Artist – Shohei Harada

Ceramic Artist SHOHEI HARADA open the doors to his studio : The factory in Kanie, Japan. Unique handmade and intricate details . video by CLOVERSTUDIO http://www.cloverstudio.net

3d printed ceramic bricks

Dutch architect Brian Peters has put together a solution for custom building materials using 3D printing. The project is called Building Bytes, and it leverages hobbyist 3D printing gear combined with a custom extruder head to manufacture ceramic bricks. via Ponoko

ceramic tiles

quick video of how ceramic tiles are produced, second video shows more explicit illustration and show how to print on tiles.

ceramic speaker : the natural speaker

transmission line speaker with porcelain which is making natural resonance sound’ the natural speaker is start from the desire to have unique speaker which is absolutely crafted and precious piece for interior. However, there is a lot of speaker which could make super bass and […]


Ceramic Production at Majolika Ceramic Manufacture in Karlsruhe Germany