Grow, ferrofluid and robotic

A nice creative process mixing kinect motion tracking abilities, robotic, sculpting and ferrofluid, allowing creator to 3d sculpt an object in air. Xavier MONTOY Guillaume ANDRE / FablLab-ENSCI Le projet Grow a pour but de permettre au plus grand nombre de prendre part à la […]

Brooklyn Glass

Meet David Ablon — the neon maestro behind Brooklyn Glass. (Video: Sky Dylan-Robbins)

Hemp walls

Push Design made news with a beautiful Hemp House in Asheville, North Carolina.  It received significant media attention — notwithstanding a multitude of jokes conflating industrial hemp and marijuana.  Now, hemp is being used for more projects, as shown in the above video from CBS […]

Bagasse: energy and paper

Discover Bagasse: Sugar Cane Bagasse is an agricultural waste made from 100% recycled materials. From energy to paper . In addition to being treeless, Sugar Cane Bagasse products are 100% biodegradable and compostable with renewable cycles of 12 months making them an ideal choice for sustainability.   […]