57 chandelier production process

57 is the latest chandelier designed by Omer Arbel for Bocci, discover the secret behind he beautiful surface of this handmade glass piece . stunning.

John Smedley

We were commissioned by The Lift Agency to produce a video for John Smedley, one of Britain’s oldest brands with a rich history of heritage and tradition. We decided to focus on the journey of a jumper, from thread to finish, to show the world […]

KA-BAR knives

The history of KA-BAR Knives and the production of the iconic KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility knife.

HTC one: Micro arc oxidation

What is Micro arc oxidation? aircraft 6000 series aluminum on which you apply 10000 volts of energy . the result is a ceramic finish that is not a coating but more a treatment to the metal .

Thonet Nr 14

Iconic Thonet Number 14 , process and full story  of an historic product also known as the bistro chair that has become one of the best-selling chairs ever. made.

SLS AMG GT3 Production

SLS AMG GT3 production and AMG engine production for your viewing pleasure. STep1: the marriage of the engine and the body . to be continued.

Opel Rak e by Kiska

Awesome video of the process behind the Opel Rak e Concept car situated between the motorcycle and the automotive segment. From sketches to Clay model to full on prototype. Enjoy

ROY handmade denim

Incredible one man show video about making a pair of denim, talented craftman, great products. http://www.roydenim.com