Eco efficient Cement, an incredible production process.

Ever wonder what cement is really made out of ?? From limestone harvesting through controlled explosion displacing 80000 tonnes of rock at once, eating and melting compounds via locally product alternative fuel made out of residual waste, to fine pure cement bags, follow the incredible process behind […]

57 chandelier production process

57 is the latest chandelier designed by Omer Arbel for Bocci, discover the secret behind he beautiful surface of this handmade glass piece . stunning.

John Smedley

We were commissioned by The Lift Agency to produce a video for John Smedley, one of Britain’s oldest brands with a rich history of heritage and tradition. We decided to focus on the journey of a jumper, from thread to finish, to show the world […]

KA-BAR knives

The history of KA-BAR Knives and the production of the iconic KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility knife.

HTC one: Micro arc oxidation

What is Micro arc oxidation? aircraft 6000 series aluminum on which you apply 10000 volts of energy . the result is a ceramic finish that is not a coating but more a treatment to the metal .

Thonet Nr 14

Iconic Thonet Number 14 , process and full story  of an historic product also known as the bistro chair that has become one of the best-selling chairs ever. made.

SLS AMG GT3 Production

SLS AMG GT3 production and AMG engine production for your viewing pleasure. STep1: the marriage of the engine and the body . to be continued.

Opel Rak e by Kiska

Awesome video of the process behind the Opel Rak e Concept car situated between the motorcycle and the automotive segment. From sketches to Clay model to full on prototype. Enjoy