Industrial JP:: awesome industrial machinery/electronic music videos.

A selection of industrial videos turned into electronic music, sometimes soothing, sometimes mootivating, those videos will be the perfect background to anything creative, A project designed to turn small factories into a record label. Images and sounds are taken from the high tech factories that […]

AOI handmade bicycles

Nice video format for a simple yet informative video, nice job AOI Produced by KYT Inc. AOI.CYCLE

Tiny little chairs by bruxe

A video brought to you by Bruxe Design and Consult showcasing the detailed process of Making of Bruxe’s Tiny Little Chairs pendants. These pendants are a love letter to mid century design. Each pendant repre- sents a vintage chair which revolutionized furniture production and the […]

hydroforming metal

From folding bike manufacturer Dahon comes a video they took when they visited a hydroforming factory. Looks like a number of their bikes utilize this process to produce some very nice forms. Check out their Ios urban performance bike.

recycling electric appliance by shredding them.

The highly rugged and hard-wearing XR series has been specifically developed for the shredding of municipal solid waste (MSW), bulky waste and commercial solid waste, and is mainly used for producing coarse and medium fractions. For more information visit:

Boules de petanque, Bocce

Made of two halves, then welded, polished, and engraved , this ancient french game of “boules” is something to love.

D-locks :: bike locks

A look at how different parts of a bicycle D-lock are made and assembled. The final product is also subjected to some vigorous testing.

Metal Casting at Home

A total of 21 videos  showing how to make aluminium castings with a home made foundry. Making a cylinder head for a single cylinder hit and miss engine.Core making moulding casting and machining operations.The engine is an Olds Gearless, a 4 srtoke with no gears.An […]