The China diaries by Moment

If you are interested in product development and manufacturing, take a moment to check the China Diaries by Moment. It’s a series of short films explaining some of the necessary steps test and tools necessary to produce, assemble and package their latest Kickstarter successfully funded […]

New Balance’s 577 Farmers’ Market shoes

The film follows the step-by-step manufacturing process for a pair of New Balance’s 577 Farmers’ Market shoes. Inspired by Farmers’ markets from around the UK, these limited edition shoes live up to their name and celebrate all that is British. New Balance is the only […]

Native Shoes

Filmed inside the Native Shoes factory this short film takes you behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of the innovative manufacturing process. The images reveal the beauty behind the skilled craftsmanship of EVA injection molding. You no longer have to wonder how that […]

Aero Wheels – R&D

CAD (Computer-aided design), stereolithography mock-ups, and wind tunnel tests are critical aspects of aero wheel development. Engineers from Mavic present their everyday work developing high performing aero wheels. Wind tunnel tests shown are performed in the HEPIA wind tunnel, Geneva (CH).

Barbour Wax Jackets

What does your jacket say about you? Crafted to last a lifetime, Barbour wax jackets see their owners through thick and thin. Memories of the weight, the look, the feel of that first purchase remain tangible 30 years on and mean owners are reluctant to […]

Mackintosh – Traditional Weatherwear

We take a look at MACKINTOSH – the Scottish label so good they named an item of clothing after it. Shop MACKINTOSH on site:

Persol sunglasses

MAde by hand is the title of this great looking movie about PErsol Sunglasses, a real craftsman work .

Trojan condoms

Did you know that more than 1 million Trojan Condoms are manufactured every day?  Well, the makers of Trojan Brand Condoms are giving you a peek beneath the sheets on how America’s most trusted condoms are made.

Brompton folding bike factory

The 22,000 sq-ft Brompton Bicycle factory is on an industrial site nestled between railway lines and a motorway. The brazing, assembly and engineering areas share one building with the office space, and most of us, from bike builders to the managing director, use a Brompton […]