The Making of “Schwarzes Gold”

One material, one form – one story. To me, a product should not attract attention through overloaded design. Instead, it’s about the thought – the idea – coupled with intelligent design, which helps bring the product into existence. The product’s final design should be about […]

Exogrid Bicycles from Holland cycles

Learn how ExoGrid bicycles from Holland Cycles transform what you know about custom bike frames. Hand Crafted precision meets cutting edge technology producing the perfection you deserve. ExoGrid® technology combines the best attributes of advanced composites with those of traditional metals. A Holland ExoGrid® frame […]


Manufacturing and assembly of a speaker, Simple but amazing .from driver, vibrating cone, speaker enclosure, membrane and much more…

Boules de petanque, Bocce

Made of two halves, then welded, polished, and engraved , this ancient french game of “boules” is something to love.

Vinyl Record

This video walks you through the process of creating one of the most beautiful and qualitative sound support, the vinyl record .Basically a short documentary on how the Vinyl Record is made, from the master,the lacquer disc,  the silver process , the nickel process, to the produce, engraved […]