Glass Snowboard : tempering curved glass

For this month’s episode, Signal Snowboards’ Founder Dave Lee leaves the factory to travel across the sea to an Italian glass factory to create a handmade glass snowboard—the most delicate build to date! The glass snowboard is cut, pressed, tempered, and ever so carefully transported […]

Kipp Krusa – Luthier

This is a video I did for my friend Kipp Krusa, an amazing guitar maker in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. The music was written and performed by James Scott on a Baritone Krusa Guitar. Shot on a Canon 60D. Lenses: Nikon: 24mm f2.8 non-Ai, 35mm f2 […]

AKG Headphones

check out one of the AKG headphone model is made, mainly handmade actually .

original stormtrooper parts

Andrew Ainsworth is a Model Maker who recently won a court battle against Lucasfilm to continue to produce Star Wars helmets using the tools he made to produce the originals for the films. His YouTube channel goes into great detail to show you how these […]

Pod by Benjamin Hubert for De vorm

The chair’s ergonomics allow the user to work comfortably whilst feeling relaxed and separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It creates a room-in-room experience with the perimeter of the chair around the users head. The shell of the chair is the largest […]