Independent Fabrication Bicycles

An afternoon in the new Independent Fabrication factory. Shot on a Sony EX1 and a little bit on a Canon ELPH 300HS. Edited and color corrected in Adobe Premiere Pro. Music by Kevin Rheault. via core77

Time Bikes Resin frames

From a thread of carbon to a full bike, what sets TIME apart from the competition is the way the bikes are manufactured. They are handmade in France, using the state of the art RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process. Thanks Jan H for the link

Exogrid Bicycles from Holland cycles

Learn how ExoGrid bicycles from Holland Cycles transform what you know about custom bike frames. Hand Crafted precision meets cutting edge technology producing the perfection you deserve. ExoGrid® technology combines the best attributes of advanced composites with those of traditional metals. A Holland ExoGrid® frame […]

Lexus carbon fiber weaving chassis.

Why weave a chassis? The pursuit of perfection means striving to create the lightest and strongest possible materials. See how Lexus takes the hard way in reinventing the manufacturing process.