The Making of “Schwarzes Gold”

One material, one form – one story. To me, a product should not attract attention through overloaded design. Instead, it’s about the thought – the idea – coupled with intelligent design, which helps bring the product into existence. The product’s final design should be about […]

The Art of Making a Nixie Tube

The nixie tube is a vintage display device which had been used until 70s when it was replaced with LED displays. The complex knowledge of manufacture of nixie tubes literally died with tube factory’s engineers, glassblowers and machine operators. I discovered nixie tubes in 2011 […]

57 chandelier production process

57 is the latest chandelier designed by Omer Arbel for Bocci, discover the secret behind he beautiful surface of this handmade glass piece . stunning.

Brooklyn Glass

Meet David Ablon — the neon maestro behind Brooklyn Glass. (Video: Sky Dylan-Robbins)

Wood shade by Soren Berger

Wood turning as its finest , awesome video of a simple process, a simple product a great craftmanship. Soren Berger makes one of his unique wooden lampshades. Filmed Rikki Berger Edited Rikki Berger Music Waldeck – Get up Carmen I am a woodturner/inventor/teacher with 35 […]

graypants cardboard lamps

Scrap Lights, made by Graypants, Inc. are fashioned from recycled cardboard into pendant lamps reminiscent of George Nelson’s Bubble Lamps