AOI handmade bicycles

Nice video format for a simple yet informative video, nice job AOI Produced by KYT Inc. AOI.CYCLE

Flamenca, the flamenco guitar

Pieces of wood, love, knowledge and 299 hours of work, condensed in a 3 minute film. The new episode from the series ‘The Art of Making’, titled ‘Alma Flamenca’, is available for you to enjoy. The ‘Art of Making’ series of films, aspires to display […]

Musical Weapons

the mexican artist has created a set of 50 fully functioning musical instruments including a flute, guitar and drum kit fabricated out of a variety of firearms such as revolvers, shot-guns, machine guns… this video documents the production of the weapons into musical instruments, a […]

Packaging – iPhone Case-Us versus them

Wanting to bring you more than just the product, Us Versus Them and Savage Diplomacy introduce to you a limited hand constructed packaging for the Iphone 4 case’s which Us Versus Them teamed up with Incipio for the special collaboration. Limited to only 40 pieces, […]

Bow – Fusetake Yumi

This is the first in a series of portrait films by director Dylan Ryan Byrne. The idea behind the series is to explore what lies behind people’s passions and what shapes their unique take on life. Film One explores the craft and philosophy behind bow […]

Barrel Making – Jack Daniel’s

A few months back, I had the pleasure of flying down as a director of photography to Lynchburg, TN to see how Jack Daniels is made – and work alongside the talented team at Arnold World Wide. I got to see the town itself, as […]

Kipp Krusa – Luthier

This is a video I did for my friend Kipp Krusa, an amazing guitar maker in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. The music was written and performed by James Scott on a Baritone Krusa Guitar. Shot on a Canon 60D. Lenses: Nikon: 24mm f2.8 non-Ai, 35mm f2 […]


Holdfast began with the exploration of clamps and their infinite possibilities as both a tool as well as joining device. This video documents the design iteration of the clamping device and its manufacture through to assembly into a shelving configuration.