Interactive laser cutter

Constructable is an interactive drafting table that produces precise physical output in every step. Users interact by drafting on the workpiece using a hand-held laser pointer. The system tracks the pointer and implements its effect by cutting the workpiece using a high-powered and fast laser […]

Jae Hyo Lee Nails and wood Art

Korean artist Jae Hyo Lee explains the story and process behind his masterpieces Nails&Wood. thanks to “Da yellow drip” for the link

Saxon leather chesterfield couch

Based in Bolton, Lancashire, Saxon Leather Upholstery is a UK Manufacturer of quality handcrafted traditional and contemporary leather furniture. Filmed in our own workshop, this video captures the many traditional processes and techniques that go into handcrafting our quality furniture. To view our full range […]

Fender Stratocaster

New short film “A Strat is Born” takes you on a high-speed ride through the creation of a Fender Stratocaster guitar at Fender’s U.S. manufacturing facility in Corona, Calif., showing you every step from bare wood to onstage and set to a pulse-pounding soundtrack by […]

hand made tattoo machines by Tim Hendricks

awesomely hand made tattoo machines,great music .Pure joy I have been fortunate enough to be passed down the art of building hand made tattoo machines from my mentor – Mr. Dan Dringenberg. Each one-off machine is carefully made to fit the artist. Thanks to Dan, […]

Red wing shoes

Everything from the stitching process, which is done by hand, to the leather tanning is a work of real crafstman here . enjoy it .

Thonet Nr 14

Iconic Thonet Number 14 , process and full story  of an historic product also known as the bistro chair that has become one of the best-selling chairs ever. made.

original stormtrooper parts

Andrew Ainsworth is a Model Maker who recently won a court battle against Lucasfilm to continue to produce Star Wars helmets using the tools he made to produce the originals for the films. His YouTube channel goes into great detail to show you how these […]