Bronze casting-lost wax technique

A short animation made for the “Hadrian” Exhibition in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, December 2015. The film shows the bronze casting process in an artistic yet simple method, a combination of stop motion and 2D animation. The preparation process included a research and a constant […]

Casting unpredictability

Castable and malleable materials (e.g. concrete, plaster, rockite and etc..) deserve a renewed consideration in architectural design due to their connection historically to the craftsman role and embodiment of tacit knowledge that extends beyond what is explicitly gained to contemporary digital fabrication and design. Castable […]

Metal Casting at Home

A total of 21 videos  showing how to make aluminium castings with a home made foundry. Making a cylinder head for a single cylinder hit and miss engine.Core making moulding casting and machining operations.The engine is an Olds Gearless, a 4 srtoke with no gears.An […]

Pewter stool

Max Lamb designed and casted a  triangular Pewter stool , sandcasted stool made on the beach , Pewter is consisted of ( 92% tin, 6%antimony and 2% copper)