Jeans – Livid Jeans

A look at the handmade, one-man jean manufacturer of Livid Jeans. Filmed & edited by Kristoffer Dagslott / KD Film Music by Daniel Norgren Thanks to Gunnar Dagslott Ole A. Ekker

WeSC Denim

Denim is a craft and a process – and in this film you get a look into the making of the WeSC Denim. The amount of detail that goes into the making of WeSC Denim is beyond amazing – from start to finish! Take part […]

Nudie Jeans “Post Recycle Dry” Denim

Old worn-out Nudie Jeans have been cut into pieces and recycled into new denim. Watch the movie to see how it is done. Cotton fibres actually last much longer than we normally tend to use, or wear them. In 2007, Nudie Jeans started the Recycle […]

ROY handmade denim

Incredible one man show video about making a pair of denim, talented craftman, great products.

Pointer brand Jeans

Pointer Brand Blue jeans manufacturing process. founded in 1913 , Pointer BRand denim is crafted by the LC king Manufacturing company of Bristol Tennessee