wood 3d printing, kind of ….

Kaipa has created a partially wooden filament for 3D printers. Called LAYWOO-D3, the stuff is 40% recycled wood with the rest of it being a binding polymer.Well it smells and feels like wood at least , unique ability to print with wood alike amterial with […]

3d printing : shapeways

Shapeways opens up 3D printing to the masses, allowing us to design and share our ideas as well as realize them as physical objects.

3d printed ceramic bricks

Dutch architect Brian Peters has put together a solution for custom building materials using 3D printing. The project is called Building Bytes, and it leverages hobbyist 3D printing gear combined with a custom extruder head to manufacture ceramic bricks. via Ponoko

Sand 3d Print :Stone spray robot

Students from Barcelona’s Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia have built a robotic 3D printer that creates architectural structures from sand or soil . Stone Spray Robot by Anna Kulik, Inder Shergill and Petr Novikov via Dezeen.

Tiny little chairs by bruxe

A video brought to you by Bruxe Design and Consult showcasing the detailed process of Making of Bruxe’s Tiny Little Chairs pendants. These pendants are a love letter to mid century design. Each pendant repre- sents a vintage chair which revolutionized furniture production and the […]

VRZ-1 3d printed stainless steel bike frame with 3d printed lugs

VRZ 1. is a track bike frame with 3d printed stainless steel lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes. Allowing quick custom frames and you can change the geometry easily since the lugs are software generated. VRZ 1. is a track bike frame with 3d […]

3d printed Bikini

continuum fashion  has launched a new project called N12 , which is the first 100% 3D printed and ready-to-wear garment in the shape of a cute little bikini. To get it ready for printing, Rhino 3D CAD software and a specially written algorithmic script are used […]

3d Knitting (animal patterns)

Nanna van Blaaderen recreate  the relief of original animal pattern on fabric through a process of combining thick and thin fibers . This new Knitting technique, keep the shape and authenticity of the animal skin pattern as much as possible Those patterns are realized with […]