A selection of industrial videos turned into electronic music, sometimes soothing, sometimes mootivating, those videos will be the perfect background to anything creative,

A project designed to turn small factories into a record label. Images and sounds are taken from the high tech factories that support technology in Japan, and are transformed by talented artists into music videos. We want viewers to experience the sensation of the beautiful precision movements of the manufacturing process combined with music.

The coiling machine moves with a peerless precision. It is a scene of rows of robotic arms, motors and pumps regulating their movement, intricate gears, and a wide array of springs, pumped out endlessly. Sountrive captures organically the movements and sounds of this process of incredible efficiency. It is almost as if the machinery itself is creating its own polyphonic groove.

Images of cascading machine oil and glittering metal form focal points in this landscape of gears, grinding as they are whittled down to size. Inner Science’s new track is a perfect match for the almost other worldly scene. The listener is able to enjoy the space created in the gaps between the reverberating clanging sounds of metal. This ambient track highlights the tension and release that is part of the inherent beauty of the factory.

Metallic inserts (components into which screws are inserted) are made by drilling holes into metal pieces. The grinding sounds of the drills and the various noises of the machinery are taken by Cherryboy Function and mixed with the Detroit style of his roots to create a top quality groove which can serve as an excellent soundtrack to the city.