transmission line speaker with porcelain which is making natural resonance sound’

the natural speaker is start from the desire to have unique speaker which is absolutely crafted and precious piece for interior. However, there is a lot of speaker which could make super bass and sharp high tones, we felt the sound is stuck inside of the speaker sometimes. During the development of the natural speaker, we realized the porcelain could gives you the natural reflection of the sounds. From the research, we found a special structure to give a clear real sound like as a concert right in front of you. The sound is amplifying inside of ceramic and wood transmission construction, and the sound is slightly echoing and making a natural feeling of resonance sound inside during the process. Conclusively, we make that the sound of the natural speaker is natural as right in front of you, and the mid tone of sound gives you a special feeling of ambiance.​04/​2011/​the-natural-speaker/​

music by Matthew Mehlan

© 2011 Studio Joon&Jung