We were commissioned by The Lift Agency to produce a video for John Smedley, one of Britain’s oldest brands with a rich history of heritage and tradition. We decided to focus on the journey of a jumper, from thread to finish, to show the world the unique process that each garment goes through during its time within production.

When we visited the factory, we were startled by the immense volume and the array of sounds that populate the production halls, so decided to use these as the motive for the rhythm of the piece. All of the sounds (excluding the brass) that make up the music are recorded from the factory floor. Each member of the orchestra (or the person that was operating each machine) is credited at the end of the piece.

We hope you enjoy the finished product, this one was a pleasure to make.

Directed By:
Crowns & Owls

Music By:
Jim O’Doherty
Ric Hollingbery
Joe Pearson
Lara Verney