“It’s like taking a magical tree that has been cut down and killed, but it lives. It still lives, the pores of the wood are still shifting, and drying, and changing. It’s almost as though the tree has a chance to sing again, with the wind blowing through its branches again.”
– Marc Maingard

A brief look into the life and profession of one of the top five luthiers in the world. Marc Maingard, a born and bread South African, shares some of his secrets and philosophies that have helped him become one of the most talented artists in his trade. With over 40 years of experience as both a musician and a guitar maker Marc has gained world-wide recognition and praise for his one of a kind guitars, tailor made to fit each individual player.

Special thanks to Marc Maingard for his time and patience.

For best viewing, use headphones.

Music: Explosions in the Sky – Human Qualities
Produced & Directed by Katey Lee Carson

Filmed by Meekaaeel Adam, Jared Paisley
Edited by Jared Paisley