A documentary from Jake Strangel featuring Tung Chiang, the clay studio director of Heath Ceramics in San Francisco. “I met Tung four years ago when I was commissioned to take his portrait for AFAR Magazine. We had a pretty instant connection, and mutual curiosity and admiration for each other’s respective mediums. The shoot ran way longer than expected, as we chatted film cameras, light metering, ceramics work, and our backgrounds. Tung and I kept in touch over the years over lunches and coffees and show openings; I was overjoyed to come back to his studio to spend time making this video that documents his gorgeous studio space, design philosophies, and graceful work with clay. Spending time in Tung’s studio is calming, meditative, and intentional; I wanted the video to reflect that.”

Director/Cinematographer: Jake Stangel
Editor: Cooper Kenward
Illustrations: @calvinrocchio
Music: “Labyrinth II” by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith